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Have you been injured running, wrestling or Muay Tai practicing?

Date: 2019.02.20

Have you been injured running, wrestling or Muay Tai practicing? Cannot playing football, cycling or climbing up and down stairs because of pain in the knees? The cause of it might be an ACL tear. Then COME on in the “MOTION WELLNESS PATTAYA”” rehab center to see how we can help you out. ☎ Call […]

Do you have a back pain?

Date: 2019.02.05

Do you have a back pain?Terrible pain in the lower of the back when you wake up? Cannot put the running shoes on because of pain in the back, glutes and / or a hamstring?Cannot sleep smoothly whole the night long? Then do not have sleepless nights in agony. COME AND SEE the "MOTION WELLNESS […]

Client cases

Date: 2019.02.04

There are some clients cases we faced with in January. Different people, different circumstances, the same problem which is pain that makes them be in the depression. Don’t let the pain make your live be miserable. Call or pm us TODAY for making an Initial Appointment. ☎️0910-410-024 (WhatsApp) 👉 👉Instagram: #motionwellnesspattaya Be a smart person. Make […]

PSOAS Cannot be Palpated

Date: 2019.01.30

The other day it was announced that I would place some proof for such a statement. I’m used to keep my word.
Enjoy your reading

I knew my last video that was taking the piss out of psoas release would trigger a lot of you who still think you can, and need to palpate this muscle to release it or some other shit.

However the deluge of comments, criticisms, whining, pseudo science and bull shit flying around on this still staggered me.

So here is one last attempt to highlight the absolute mind bending, ass clenching, face palming ridiculousness of saying you can palpate the psoas muscle through the abdomen once and for all.

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Natalia lives in Pattaya.

Date: 2019.01.29

She felt initially pain in the shoulders like a year ago. Many friends of her and people she knows personally gave her advice what to do to fix the problem. Unfortunately, nothing from what was recommended helped her out. A year later she ended up having the adhesive capsulitis, better known as the “frozen shoulders”, stage 2.

Link to an entry on facebook