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Post: What is the Difference Between Doctors and Physiotherapists.

Doctors tend to tell injured people to stay away from gym and cut down activities they are used to do for a while, in or der to give a rest for an injured part of the body. Such a requirement is common for the traditional medicine. People trust doctors. If a doctor says “stay out of the gym and rest”, people take it as the right thing to follow.

As a physiotherapist who has a deal with injured athletes and those once who lead an active lifestyle, I’d say that reality is the different. In the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center we practice an approach that unless a patient got some really serious accident he is partially injured. It means, if it happened to be someone hurt one of his shoulders that guy still has his legs to walk afoot. If it’s a leg, the other one and two arms are still with him. Fortunately, we’re succeeded to explane to patients that even though a doctor says “take a rest” it just means “to rest the injured area, not to do anything”. Of course, this approach a such situation requires a tact. Often patients worry about if they just workout an injured part of the body such as arm (or leg), won’t that cause more problems? Explanation is, exercising the non-injured side actually speeds up the recovery itself. In order to help patients out to cure their injuries we are just supposed to be smart enough with the exercise choices.

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