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Post: Stay Away from Fake Chyropracters

That is why I always persuay people not to go to some random clinics, massage parlours and any chyropracters in Pattaya. As many as seven people which I know personally got problem after getting that terrible “spinal adjustment” here. In fact, nobody takes responsobility to patients in incidents when such a “chyropractor” damages neck facets due to his manipulations like this. Do you think this guy spent even an one year studying neuroanatomy and pathology? Do you think ladies in massage parlours know how a human body is built?

Come in and get it look at the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center to see how we can help you.
Amongst other things you will find here:

✅Nine-years experienced physiotherapist who is gifted in kinesiology, as well.
✅Individually tailored course of physio and kinesiotherapy treatment.
✅Improvement of the state of health in 6 to 8 weeks depending on your tyoe of injury.
✅Flexible schedule.
Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm.
Saturday from 9am-4pm
✅Good location
✅Convenient parking

To make an Appointment give us a call:
📞0910-410-024 (WhatsApp)

Be smart. Make the best choice.

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