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Post: Rehabilitation: Expectations vs Reality.

For the last year I got as many as 17 guys who wanted to come back to their sport activities, such as football, rugby, wrestling, boxing, powerlifting, crossfit, tennis, golf, whatever. The most often asked question which i heard was: “When I’ll be good for coming back to the game?”

Well, now is a right time to answer all of those who have already been to us and those who will be our patients in e future.

I can’t remember when the road to recovery was smooth, predictable, enjoyable process. Many times, I could see a despair, disappointment, even unwillingness to keep doing those drills which were tailored to patients. It’s often longer than what you expected it to be and it needs to get sweated pretty much before the result achieved.

However, as every coin has two sides, there is a good news too. As harder the road of the revovering will be the better result you can count on. The frustrations that you may encounter along the way is worth the result you’ll get

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