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Post: PSOAS Cannot be Palpated

The other day it was announced that I would place some proof for such a statement. I’m used to keep my word.
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I knew my last video that was taking the piss out of psoas release would trigger a lot of you who still think you can, and need to palpate this muscle to release it or some other shit.

However the deluge of comments, criticisms, whining, pseudo science and bull shit flying around on this still staggered me.

So here is one last attempt to highlight the absolute mind bending, ass clenching, face palming ridiculousness of saying you can palpate the psoas muscle through the abdomen once and for all.

If you think you can ‘feel’ a psoas through a humans abdomen, set this experiment up at home.

First find a salami sausage, this will be your psoas muscle.

Next pile on a big ol stack of sausages on top of it, this will be the abdominal viscera.

Then get a thick ol steak and put that on top, this will be the abdominal muscles.

Finally top it off with a leather wallet, this will be the abdominal skin and fascia.

Now try and tell me you can feel that salami sausage!

End of discussion!
Credit to: The Sports Physio

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