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Post: Plantar Fasciopathy (PF)

Do you have a sharp pain which most commonly occurs at the front of the heel where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus) after leaving the bed in the morning, standing for a long time or when you up from the seated position?

The cause for a such type of pain can be Plantar fasciopathy (PF).

Come in and get it look at the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center to see how we can help you.
Everyone who comes up to our rehab center will find a service as follow:

👉Nine-years experience as a PT.
👉Individually tailored course of treatment
👉Easy-followed drills.
👉Flexible schedule.
Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm.
Saturday from 9am-4pm
👉Good location

In 12 sessions time we do what another chyropracters and physiotherapists failure to do in a few months!

The “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center is the only place in Pattaya where Physiotherapy and Kinesiotherapy work together to help you recover from the back pain.

Prices start from 600 THB per session, depending on your injury.

Call us or dm us today for making an Initial Appointment.

📞0910-410-024 (WhatsApp)
👉Instagram: #motionwellnesspattaya

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