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Post: Physiotherapy Doesn’t Work for Me

I can remember probably three – four patients who stopped coming to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center for going on their treatment with no reasons nor explanations. They just didn’t show up in the scheduled time. Later, I got a patient who suffered from a back pain. That guy told me that a friend of his was telling that “Physiotherapy didn’t work for him.” To be clear, that patient paid the 12th sessions course of treatment, visited three, then disappeared for two weeks, came back for another three sessions afterward, than there was another week with no him be coming and after he never re-start therapy, at all.

Nobody says “I failed PT”, or “I failed to follow of what my Physio told me to do”, or “I’m lazy that’s why I failed execute all of that my Physio has tought me.”
The question is, why do we talk about physical therapy that way?

If you didn’t have a good outcome from your course of treatment there is not so much a reflection of the field of PT, as it is. Th

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