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How to Fix Sciatica Attack?

Date: 2019.01.22

Do you have a terrible pain in the lower of the back when you get up from a chair? Do you feel a constant severe pain in the same region when you try to put on the shoes, running shoes, whatever?

Sciatica attack might be a cause to it.

To fix this pain for three – four sessions you should come on in to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center cause we know how to fix it.

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Your Ability to Work is Your Biggest Asset!

Date: 2019.01.15

Everyone who suffers from a pain thinks how to fix it ASAP, not of the way to do an extra job. Let’s face it.

We, a team of the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center would love to help you begin your health and wellness journey, starting with relieving those everyday aches and pains we know you’ve been ignoring!

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Client case. Anton (Tony).

Date: 2019.01.14

Anton (Tony). 56 yo.
Anton got the post-op rehab protocol for the right knee meniscectomy in the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center. His chronic back and hip pain was cured for 90 % after 6 weeks of treatment, as well.

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Remaining the Active Lifestyle Helps to Reduce Pain and Prevent Future Episodes

Date: 2019.01.09

Exercising is the only antidote for the modern lifestyle. The longer a person can do the exercise for, the better resilience of his health will be.

Unfortunately, very often people are told by doctors that the pills and surgery only can be taken as a solvation for fixing LBP. The fact is, there are no pills to sort LBP out. Also, sergery isn’t a warranty for fixing LBP successfully.

Come over the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center to see how we can sort your LBP out.

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