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Hi guys.

Date: 2018.08.23

Did you know that not all problems with the back require a surgery? Did you know that non less of than 98% of lower back pain cases can be successfully resolved with the relevant physiotherapy? Actually, back surgery isn’t the quickest way to fix the problem.

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ACL Tear Viewed on MRI.

Date: 2018.08.22

There were many articles which have been published on this page about ACL tear. Now, we’d like to show a scan of such an injury to whatch what a ruptured and an intact ACL looks like.

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Date: 2018.08.13

As we have already informed approximately 3 000 people all our offers in August are time-limited. Since September,1 we change the policy of collaboration with clients.

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Limited-Time Offer

Date: 2018.08.07

Did you get injured during any weekend’s activities such as walk, golf, soccer, enduro or at exercising – come in and get it looked at after the weekend by our rehab center.

Your injury will be evaluated professionally, with recommendations given on what to do for the following 24-48 hours including further investigations or scans.

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