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Post: I arrived in Thailand in later 2015.

Some of my friends who have already lived here for a while were aware of who I am that’s why my skills and advise as a physiotherapist and the one who is addicted to ” kinesiotherapy” were always required. Frankly speaking, it made me puzzled. There were so many hospitals, clinics and massage parlours which offered the best treatment ever could be. At least, they proclaimed that.

Over the time I understood the problem completelly; all those hospitals and clinics mainly focused not on the task how to help people out to heal there medical problems, but to make them lighter with money.

Another problem which I faced with was an extremely low level of people’s education and understanding of their health. You should have known how many people got down to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” center with complaints such as “my back hurts because of the cold wind” or “my shoulder is in a crucial pain becouse of a cup of beer was too heavy”. Also improper education/advice of doctors from those hospitals such as “my doctor told me, if I do anything more vigorous than walking my nerve will impinge and I’m going to be paralyzed”, “you have a slipped disk. To heal that you need to lay on sofa only” or “you have a meniscus tear. The only treatment is required now is PRP” and stuff like that.

It would be fair to mention, so-called chyropracters who prescribe an acupuncture for patients with ACL repture and meniscus tear as well as chyropractise for the once who have a herniated vertebral have done everything to make dissapointed people, as well.

When I opened the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center, I felt like my task was to inject some truth into the health and fitness industries, not to mention a proper and highly effective physiotherapy to be provided for the once who are in need to improve a state of health.

That is what we see as a main task for us as a rehabilitation center in Pattaya.

To learn more information about us is simple now:
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