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Post: Hi guys.

Did you know that not all problems with the back require a surgery? Did you know that non less of than 98% of lower back pain cases can be successfully resolved with the relevant physiotherapy? Actually, back surgery isn’t the quickest way to fix the problem.
To learn some types of conservative treatments you might be doing instead to get out of pain and regain functionality make an appointment to see our PT. Also, the once who come up to our rehab center will get with:

👉Individually tailored course of therapy
👉Easy-followed exercises
👉Flexible schedule
Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm.
Saturday from 9am-4pm
👉Very reasonable cost that starts from 650 baht per hour, depending on the injury you have

To make a Free Appointment give us a call:
📞0910-410-024 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: #motionwellnesspattaya

Be smart. Make the best choice.

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