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Post: Four Mistakes Everyone Makes When Feels Pain in the Back

  1.  At first, that person who feels a pain in the back tends not to pay attention on it.
  2. Secondly, a various type of massage parlours (just a simple fact to know; in Russia, for instance, it’s impossible to get a sertificate without 6-months time classes to visit) and self-named chiropractors that is where such a person finds himself.
  3. Thirdly, If pain gets worse, the one who suffers from it begins to take a painkillers, yoga classes and acts like that.
  4.  When all of those actions help not as much as it was anticipated, a person like this comes to a hospital. Many of you passed this way and could remember what you received in that hospital other than another pills, an invoice to pay and a sort of a sympathy.

What if I say as a physiotherapist of the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center that back pain cannot be fixed completelly by only taking a pills, applying ointment on it and using yoga? Yes, a pain will be relieved a little, but the main problem is never going to be fixed.

When you knew so much, why don’t you come up to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center and check it out how we can help you to sort and fix medical problem of the back?

Also, our offers contains:

👉Individually tailored course of Physio and / or Kinesiotherapy
👉Easy-followed exercises
👉Flexible schedule
Monday – Friday from 9am-7pm.
Saturday from 9am-4pm
👉Very reasonable cost that starts from 600 baht per hour, depending on the injury you have

To make a Appointment give us a call:
📞0910-410-024 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: #motionwellnesspattaya

Be smart. Make the best choice.

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