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Everyone of us has to make a CHOICE each and every day.

Date: 2018.10.20

Lifestyle is a CHOICE.
To be healthy is a CHOICE.
Eating habits is a CHOICE.
To become a better version of yourself is a CHOICE.
Working environment is a CHOICE.
To follow recommendations of so-to-say friends who never take responsibility to you is a CHOICE.
Hanging around easy-going or gloomy people is a CHOICE.
Studying is a CHOICE.
Giving up is a CHOICE.
Blaming on everyone in what happens to you, but herself, is a CHOICE.
Keep going is a CHOICE.
Procrastination is a CHOICE.
Work hard on your rehab is a CHOICE.

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Date: 2018.10.17

It’s funny to hear people say that physical therapy is boring or not challenging. There were football, rugby, and ice-hockey players, powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFit addicted guys, boxers, etc., as my patients and just few of them were able to execute properly those “simply-looked” exercises which were tailored for them to do. Many of those guys have started sweating right after the first drill done. Do you still think physiotherapy isn’t challenging enough? In fact, when you are under therapy you should absolutely be pushed SMARTLY by a DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY who was trained to do so. Once again, DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY.

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Why Do You Need To Go to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” Rehan Center.

Date: 2018.10.15

We all have a friend or two who have visited a physiotherapist, aren’t we? It’s always puzzled you due to your convfidence they’re in perf ectly good shape, isn’t it? The answer is, they’re in good shape because the physio does his job well. Simple. You shouldn’t wait for an injury or a various type of surgery to heal. The smart people make physio visits as a part of the health routine to prevent injury.

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What is the Difference Between Doctors and Physiotherapists.

Date: 2018.10.09

Doctors tend to tell injured people to stay away from gym and cut down activities they are used to do for a while, in or der to give a rest for an injured part of the body. Such a requirement is common for the traditional medicine. People trust doctors. If a doctor says “stay out of the gym and rest”, people take it as the right thing to follow.

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How To Get Rid Of A Knee Pain?

Date: 2018.10.02

If you know that a knee pain is a very common problem amongst people of all ages?

If you have a kind of restriction in the running, walking, knee’s instability and / or an inflammation in it?

If you know that surgery shouldn’t be the first and only option to getting rid of your knee pain?

To learn more give us a call to make an initial appointment to see an experienced physiotherapist of the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center. Let us help you get rid of the knee pain.

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