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Rehabilitation: Expectations vs Reality.

Date: 2018.12.04

For the last year I got as many as 17 guys who wanted to come back to their sport activities, such as football, rugby, wrestling, boxing, powerlifting, crossfit, tennis, golf, whatever. The most often asked question which i heard was: “When I’ll be good for coming back to the game?”

Well, now is a right time to answer all of those who have already been to us and those who will be our patients in e future.

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How to Fix a Pain in S1?

Date: 2018.11.30

Do you have a pain in S1 area which disturbs you from the lifestyle you’re used to lead?

Come in to the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center, cause we know how to sort it out.

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Be a smart person. Make the best choice.

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A Herniated Disc Can be Fixed With no Surgery.

Date: 2018.11.28

Have you been diagnosed with a herniated L5 – S1 disc? Do you have pain in the lumbar region which makes all the way down to the toes through the thigh?

Come in and get it look at the “Motion Wellness Pattaya” rehab center to see how we can help you.
Everyone who comes up to our rehab center will find a service as follow:

👉 In the one week time we will help you out to releive pain.
👉 In 24-36 sessions time you are goingto regain the lifestyle you’re used to lead!

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